Now , that’s hands-istock-infant-holding-mothers-hand-bwa perfect start . I have been struggling , thinking , re-thinking , going back and forth about posting my first blog post . and what better way to start , then beginning with the person , life first began with .

I have always taken my moms presence as a fact of life . Just like air , water, our mother earth . From the day I came into being ( I wasn’t aware of my being then, just like you , just seeing blobs of color , crying whenever I wanted… I must have ) she was there . Selfless and patient .

My mom is a fixer . If there is anything that is broken around the house , you can bet ,she is at it , and she wouldn’t rest till its done . But she never tried to repair us , she encouraged us to be the best at whatever we do , she never pushed , she would let us take our decisions . I am the middle child of my family . Difficult is usually the middle name of a middle child . And I was the exception . I made ‘difficult’ an understatement . And I believe , ( I speak this for all of us middle children )  we have it hard . Its either listen to your elder sibling because she knows better or its come on shes younger to you , be mature , so either way you are the middle . I use to throw tantrums till 14 or may be 17 yrs of age  .

I remember wanting a computer , and I wanted it bad , it was a new thing at that time , and this was a big battle , every week at least once , I would storm to my room crying big time , and saying ” nobody loves me ” .and this sentence would repeat on countless occasions . I laugh at myself ,remembering those silly things . But she did good , half the time my dad were out the story cause he worked out of the city , she handled the three of us kids , on her own . I remember her waiting by the phone every night at 8:45 pm , that’s when dad would call her , every night . Their love for each other is embedded in me . I didn’t knew then but I know now that their love gave hope , hope of good in the world . She is the kindest person .

It was not untill I got married and moved away, that all of this hit me . All of the best things that we are given in life are always taken for granted , by most of us . I was in that crowd . How often do we call our mom and say I love you mom ? whenever we hit a rock . And sometimes not even then . She gave you whatever she could , when she was hard on you , it was harder on her , no loves or thinks about you more than your mom .

Sometimes I forget to say how much I love you  mom , I love you so much , I love to get a big warm hug from you . I love the smile in your proud eyes , when you look at me . You are my hero , and I would be lucky if I can become 10% of what you are .

This is for you mom , you stood by me and loved me , when I hated myself . You give me strength to get up and get good . I am grateful for your love  and regret my immature teen’s .

Lets rock mother’s day . For all those lovely women who made us who we are .

Love Always

Send a message to your mom , not a card , but a message from your heart .

Share with us the joy you spread . Your story of your hero , A picture of your Mother’s day moment . Spread the love.

Let There Be Good .


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