My Designs

I love to design that is my greatest passion, and the reason I started my blog. To share my knowledge , about jewelry trends, designs and diamonds. The design I am going to share with you today is the first design I made , after coming to the States.

A two tone diamond engagement ring

A two tone diamond engagement ring

I use to do my intricate detailed designing on paper, but ever since my husband gifted me with the Samsung note 10.1, I have almost never done anything on paper. Its just so easy, and helpful to work with. I am very grateful for my note, and my loving hubby.

After I make my design, i send it to my jewelry maker and they transfer this to a piece of eternity, a piece of statement.

This design was made with a memory in my heart, of two people embracing each other, their body entwined , lost in each other, not just in body, but in soul. I wanted to capture the ever twisting and turning paths of life that those two lovers would take and be for each other, together embarking on their journey ahead.This ring promise love, the forever kind.

I would like to show you the design transformed into a piece that would make you / or the love of your life, the center of attention.







I really enjoyed the transformation, it was above my expectation. It speaks for itself, it is a symbol of eternal love.


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