For all you people who are seeing this, the next image is for you.

amii's jewelry blog                Spread joy, be happy, and life your life, king-size. Long time since I posted something, I had a really grrrreat month. My sister and her family came from India, for 18 days and we had a rush of a time, my sister is my best-est friend , and I was meeting her after 2 whole years. I was freaking excited. We went to San Francisco, it is just lovely, we took highway 1 to get there, and the stops are beautiful. We went to Yosemite, for 2 days, a place I plan to visit again, and savor it again.

We went to Universal studios, and now I have a pass to Universal studios for a year, yay! with the block out dates ,of course, and then to the happiest place on earth, which is very close by my home, The magical place, Disneyland. But man was it crowded! Being the 60th anniversary of Disney, and the new paint the night parade and new firework show, the place gets really really crowded. But its just so much fun,Disney is wonderful, but the people that visit Disney are beautiful too. We had loads of fun.

But then she went back to India, for a week, after her departure, I was done, I just wanted to go back to India and not be alone any longer. I am really grateful for my hubby, he brought me back to the living. And also my dad, who just visited last Saturday. We dropped him to airport today ,so he will be in the flight during fathers day, so happy father’s day dad! Love you so much, I am so lucky, you are my father.

Have fun ,as much as you can, cause happiness is a state of mind.If you change your perspective, things will get better. I changed my perspective, thought about good things I have, of what I hope to achieve, I had to struggle, but I got there.


Oprah said it too, so that’s that.

Make life exciting, fight your demons, rise, as the star you are.Let’s rock life.


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