All in !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “ROY G. BIV.”
My colorful cocktail ring

I had so much fun doing this theme, I am buzzing. This was a really good inspiration, to exercise my mind and test myself. I believe if you are there Mr.Roy.G.Biv you definitely would have loved to buy this design of the colors you are so beautifully constructed of. I love colors, and who doesn’t like rainbows, but to put so much color in a jewelry, I usually don’t prefer. But Cartier,to name one of my personal favorite jeweler, has been doing this since decades. And I love those designs. And this theme pulled me in right in the spot.

It took me 2 days to get this piece together, I was watching Katie Perry’s roar, to put some jungle into my cocktail ring. And I had a heck of time, putting my thoughts and feelings and also my roar into this ring. It’s usually just one or two colors of gemstones, that I usually allow in my designs, but this really came out wonderful. Designing, or any kind of art ,I feel is a kind of gamble, whenever I start my work, I don’t know, if its gonna be a time-worthy, or garbage can-worthy, but while I am at it, it gives me hope and promise, and of course the pleasure of making something is beyond this world.

I have added rose gold,and white gold birds,with amethyst, sapphire, ruby ,and yellow sapphire to create the colors of Rainbow. Hope you had as much fun with this as mush as I enjoyed creating it.


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