what’s your safe space??

Since a long time I use to find comfort in my Harry Potter books, and poison study series. I am in desperate search of a stronger safety net. Far away from my loved ones, I am feeling so lost …I miss you so much mom and dad, if I tell you how badly am missing you, you will hurt, along with me..I wish I was back again…I wish you were here. I wanna cry, but am scared of there’s no one to hold me. I wish for the arms of my soulmate…cause he truly is my soulmate..his strong embrace would scare every fear and loneliness off me.. every worry melting away and a soaring feeling n calmness pumping through my veins.I wish he was here to…

images (7)

whats your safety net, what keeps you going?

Share the love, spread it..

I will always hope and believe, that there will be good


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