No lunch box today!!

imageThat’s what freedom is about today for me. Every morning I wake up and in between all my routines I am cooking three ears for the three of us. And running to get my son ready ,and it’s  a havoc.

Not today.

Rey has a birthday party lunch in school and I took a day of for making lunch for myself n hubby,so today mommy is free…free…free. I can hear the echoes, can you?

Spent the morning leisurely, talking to mom and dad in India, while getting Rey ready for school, took a nice shower, without rushing myself.. Dropped Rey to school, ran to catch the train (literally). Ahhhh! Still the taste of freedom  in my mouth.

Every small victory, every small burst of joy, magnified, would be a delicious refreshing soup to serve your your soul.

so today’s recipes ingredients for lunch are,

a breeze of ease,

with some precious picked me time,

a dash of thrill,

heapful of relief.

Simmer everything in a fresh morning bowl and enjoy the rest of the day.

Give food to your wonderful loving soul, healthy yummy food.

You are so fortunate for all that you have, cherish every part of yourself and your life. Go out there and win , whatever you wanted to. Let your soul thrive, let love guide, spread your happy vibes.

And Let there be good.


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