My little monkey-son has recently started karate classes. By Recently I  mean yesterday .

With eyes cast down, my little monkey informed me “I don’t want to do karate, because you will be too proud of me”

I was laughing inside at his selection of words but outside I replied” I won’t be proud of you, I won’t watch you”

“but mommy will you be a little proud of me? ”

“Yes , if you let me watch !”

with tear sliding down he tried again” but I don’t want to do karate”

By the time I got him dressed, he was crying big time. It was time to call the story teller.image

“But honey, everyone in your school has to do karate, everyone will go at different places to do this, if you don’t, you will get 50 pages in homework. Would you like that?”image


That put his perspective in place . And he liked the class a lot.image


I Need to toughen him up, I am all come-here-baby-lets-go-if-you-don’t-want-to-do-this. But I need to make him strong inside and out. You cannot baby them too much, it will just make them insecure and doubtful of themselves ,when they grow up.

You don’t want that. Refrain yourself  from being to protective, you want your sons to be brave.

I have to bottle my feelings sometime, the overwhelming urge to give him a hug when he is crying, or just giving in to the motherhood. It will be good for his future, and he knows mommy loves him.

We had a wonderful mother & son lunch after his class. Monkey-boy’s  feelings for the same transpired “its okay” “I don’t like it so much, I want to go home and play my legos.”

I on the otherhand had a great time. Raising boys is like riding a roller-coaster, too many ups and downs, you have to ride it!  But I love it, I will miss his childhood so much.

Have fun with your kids before they grow up. Laugh at all the silly things they laugh at, be a great part of your kids life, girl or boy, their childhood wont come back, and you get to be a child with them.

Let there be good.


One thought on “Roller-coasting

  1. That’s so true. We moms have to strike a balance between agreeing to kids demands and at times asking them to do what is right for them. We mom should look for long term benefits of kids instead of their short term pleasures.

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