Watch out ,watch out!! Don’t catch that train

Good morning guys!!! And good night to those who are wearing their night caps, I am waiting on the station to catch my train, thinking about how we are always waiting for something or the other to happen , to make us happy.

If you are in that category my friend, beware, you won’t catch that happy train. Since a long time I have been waiting for my”train” to a perfect body. Waiting for the weight loss to happen , so I can be happy.

 If you wait for a certain goal in your life to make you happy, then I assure you, your mind WILL find another goal as soon as you finish your first one, making you race for peace again.

And you would be going circles, without feeling the bliss of life.

I finally have started a major project to achieve my perfect body weight and I pledged to be happy throughout the journey, I will enjoy my not eating phase and savor the food that I need to, and say ‘in your face, you negative calories’ to those that are desirables but with ‘un’.

Enough with giving your life controls to things should be in your control, life is rich , with so many things to indulge in, let’s not complicate it , make it simple.

Make goals to achieve success, but don’t tie your life around in knots for it. If your soul is well fed, you will find peace everywhere, don’t let your soul go hungry. The more you feel happy and grateful , the better you chances to find success.

I am going to cherish my life, my family and be happy and beautiful.

Suck it, negativity, I have no room for you.

Not even yourself.

And the key is to be happy, believe you have everything, of course you do, YOU ARE AWESOME! You have everything to liven up your Beautiful beautiful life. And work with that happiness to achieve your goals.

My best of luck to all you guys out there trying so hard to find your bliss, I am with you too. I wish a best of luck to me , from all of you.

Thank you so much.

Be happy without any reason , be grateful for every season,

Let there be good.


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