I am a loved wife , and a playful mommy , living in california , striving to find my voice , ( I don’t mean “I can’t talk” I can go on for hours , even if you met me for the first time . Ask my husband , he can , and will confirm that . ) . Ever since we moved to USA , I have been struggling to find my ground , being new , and with a career that is hard to continue in the U.S , I have been fighting on and off with my inner self .  It has been over one and a half year here , just the three of us . I am happy for my son , he loves his school , but I do get lonely at times , I miss my family and friends quite a lot ,But I try and keep  myself knee deep with the things I love . keep the fire alive . So this is my effort to kill my battle and take advantage of the vast community , give some and take some and make life better.

                     I am a passionate person , and find my peace and content in creating jewelry designs . My husband has a jewelry business , Perfect marriage? Nahhh!!! while I am a fluffy cloud of dreams , he is a tight real practical wall . Though I always find place in that wall to place my dreams to come true , so in a way , Perfect Marriage!!!

       I am so gratefully thankful for the ability to draw , (can’t paint a thing though) I love to create new designs , one after the other , flowing gold and diamond into a drawing and watching everything come together . It satisfies me when a person whom I don’t know , goes ahead and buy my creations , and tells us how happy the jewelry made them . It makes me feel good . Always wanted to do good in my life , and I am here to make that happen not only through jewelry though.

      I also am a devotional cook , ( we are vegetarian ,”no eggs , no fish , or meat ” thats what we always tell any restaurant we are dining in CLEARLY before ordering a thing ) I love to explore new ingredients , experiment with new recipes , tweaking and creating new ones . Sometime , its bad!!( MY husband won’t confirm that , I throw away those tweaks in the trash can) Any complaints about what I serve on the dining table ,is never taken lightly. Cooking is like meditation for my mind ( I can’t meditate , in general , I have tried , never succeeded , but the effects are the same ), cooking relaxes me. And it also helps ,when it is appreciated.

       I love art , (not the dark ones) Every art I see, a perfection of god , or crafted by god’s creation( i.e. we humans ) gets me all dreamy and mushy , the colors , the strokes , it turns me on . It grabs you and pulls you to a world of perfection . I admire those who has a way with a brush , and the mastery to capture beauty around and inside them . It’s a beautiful expression and a well needed one .

           I thrive to submerge myself into the world created by so many brilliant , gifted writers . I am fascinated by their imaginations , the detail they work with , every action , every dialogue , is crafted finely to make a story flow and feel life like . Though I do read young adult category , I have no shame in admitting , that I love books that are made for children . The heroic do-good characters , the challenges , the braveness of a innocent mind ,inspires me to do good , even in adversity ,to keep going . And most of all I enjoy that everything comes to life in the pages and I can see words transforming in action and the make-believe world alive . I really have thanked so many writers for their work ( not personally ) while reading their work . My top favorite books are Harry Potter , Poison Study series , Septimus Heap series . These are my go to books for comfort .

             So I am hoping, my blog will bring all my passions to one place…my love for jewelry , my passion for cooking , and my craving for books . I always wanted friends I can share my life with, take advice and give some , a way to motivate , a way to dab in a meaningful life , a way to feel content with myself . And if all goes well . I will help give back to the community with my passion for life .

Life is good . Let’s do some good, spread some love , give back , and have fun while doing it .


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I was drawn to your blog because we both use the same theme. And I also love cooking! Have a look at my page, when you get a chance. Writing and photography are my passions. I’ll have a look around the rest of your blog now.


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