Take it easy!o

Life is all that you really believe in, and then some more, but every now and then take a time-out from all the hurdles and just be yourself. Love yourself.

Stand in front of a mirror and look at that self-ignoring,over-working fool and say:

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Be passionate about yourself, feel good about yourself, forgive yourself, and allow the good in your heart to enter your life . When you feel good about yourself, you create beautiful circumstances and health opportunities to enter your life, love is the key, so take it easy and enjoy the ride, every once in a while(if not everyday)

Have a yummy bite of life!


what’s your safe space??

Since a long time I use to find comfort in my Harry Potter books, and poison study series. I am in desperate search of a stronger safety net. Far away from my loved ones, I am feeling so lost …I miss you so much mom and dad, if I tell you how badly am missing you, you will hurt, along with me..I wish I was back again…I wish you were here. I wanna cry, but am scared of there’s no one to hold me. I wish for the arms of my soulmate…cause he truly is my soulmate..his strong embrace would scare every fear and loneliness off me.. every worry melting away and a soaring feeling n calmness pumping through my veins.I wish he was here to…

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whats your safety net, what keeps you going?

Share the love, spread it..

I will always hope and believe, that there will be good

Make your own luck

lucky me

After a week of self-indulgence, an ready to rock the work boat, and I feel so lucky ,that I do what  love. There is nothing better for a successful business than hard work, passion and a drive of doing something great. It is the perfect recipe, give it your 100% and it will be on its way to flourishing to your dream, and sometimes more than what you dreamed of ever.

love thy work

I love my work, you guys out there, take a break and feel the love, enjoy every moment of your work, appreciate the opportunity, and increase your luck, you are a charmer, and luck will be with you, give every one a big Luck you! (no spelling mistakes there)

And LUCK YOU everyone.

P.S everything is so beautiful when you are happy.

Take a stand!

take a stand

Every now and then, something would creep up and test your beliefs, and you gotta dig your heels deep, toughen up and stand up to stay true to your roots. Today was one of those days. But if you have the correct attitude, and the right reasons, well you can rule, and get your self-respect, a good dose of Gatorade.

let there be good

Don’t scream your mind 10 times a day though. That’s just annoying!

Be a better person every day, pray for other’s well being, and don’t just stand if you feel you could do something to prevent an ill-event, call the human inside you, and human-up. Make someone else happy, just because you can. You’ve got that power. Unleash it. Have a great day.

Spread that charm

Spread that charm

All in !

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “ROY G. BIV.”
My colorful cocktail ring

I had so much fun doing this theme, I am buzzing. This was a really good inspiration, to exercise my mind and test myself. I believe if you are there Mr.Roy.G.Biv you definitely would have loved to buy this design of the colors you are so beautifully constructed of. I love colors, and who doesn’t like rainbows, but to put so much color in a jewelry, I usually don’t prefer. But Cartier,to name one of my personal favorite jeweler, has been doing this since decades. And I love those designs. And this theme pulled me in right in the spot.

It took me 2 days to get this piece together, I was watching Katie Perry’s roar, to put some jungle into my cocktail ring. And I had a heck of time, putting my thoughts and feelings and also my roar into this ring. It’s usually just one or two colors of gemstones, that I usually allow in my designs, but this really came out wonderful. Designing, or any kind of art ,I feel is a kind of gamble, whenever I start my work, I don’t know, if its gonna be a time-worthy, or garbage can-worthy, but while I am at it, it gives me hope and promise, and of course the pleasure of making something is beyond this world.

I have added rose gold,and white gold birds,with amethyst,emerald.blue sapphire, ruby ,and yellow sapphire to create the colors of Rainbow. Hope you had as much fun with this as mush as I enjoyed creating it.