Tantrums & Tears

…and Giggles. He is full of all of that and some.



That’s my son Reyvaan. He’s really a smart and funny 4 year old boy. He loves everything a kid his age is suppose to love, that is cartoons, toys, games, ipads, making messes and giving solutions to the messes, questioning each and everything that is between any given place he’s taken too, and testing the patience of his innocent, fun-loving, over-enthusiastic mom.

Its summer vacation, and my house is a BIG MESS. It is flooded by legos. Whether its the living room, kitchen ,under the sofas, under the bed, in bathtub, cause he made a boat and took it for a ride in the bathtub. Seriously I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and there is one of that piece hiding somewhere to attack me and make me scream stuff I am not suppose to scream with a kid at home,not even in the middle of the night. And of course cars, parked under windows,at the door leading to the patio and on the patio is a picture, I will just close the drapes and ignore, and no police lego’s are issuing tickets to these unauthorized parked cars. I am going crazy.

I was waiting for this weekend, to come and give me a break, so I can go to a nice beach, lay down and get some peace. Beach is the only place where my son finds his truce. He will sit with his sand castle tools, and not a peep out of his mouth.But the weather is a bitch in California right now. I would love for it to rain in this drought,but it got freaking cloudy on Saturday morning , after a perfectly ‘sunny California’ weather the whole week.

And I had to tell my beach loving baby( cant say baby in front of him without hearing”I am not a baby, mommy!” when did he grow up? I am still a baby!) a very colorful lie about crabs attacking the beach from the sea,because of the lack of sunshine. But that saved my skin, otherwise it would have been a full fledged bout of his tantrum ,and heck I am scared of a big showdown of ‘angry-cuteness-mixed-with-tears’. Because even when he is angry or crying, he is so cute that I sometimes find it hard to be focused and though I don’t show him, I am very scared of his tantrums.

So the necessity of avoiding tantrums, mothered my invention of fiction-filled stories to get his mind to accept that he can’t do something because of circumstances that he can understand. And get very creative with these stories, if his dad tells him the truth, he will come to me and ask my views on it.

Once we had one of our friends over and my son was misbehaving, as that’s number one in ‘things-to-do-when-you-have-someone-over’ thing , so I was telling him a story to make him behave, but he started doing it without the end to the story,my job done, and my friend is like what happened next? And I was this “what?” face!  You should have seen my face!!

I have been into these stories so much, now I am like half an actor myself, cause , I have to act it out to my son. I think I can be a writer someday because of the strong headed boy I am blessed with.


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